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    Dealing with Homesickness and stress

    Going away for college means being in an unfamiliar environment, away from your old friends and your family. It’s natural to miss the people you have grown up with for many years. In addition, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by your new surroundings and workload at first. Don’t let those feelings become a burden to your academics or your self-discovery. Below are some tips you can use to help whenever you start to miss home.

    1. Stay in contact. There is nothing wrong with picking up the phone and calling your parents/friends as much as you want. Talking to them can serve as a nice reminder of home while not having to actually be there. They can also offer up encouragement or advice while you are still adjusting to your new environment. Adjusting to college is a process that everyone goes through, so do not feel guilty if you need to lean on others for support.
    2. Engage with your surroundings. One of the best ways to keep yourself from thinking of home is to take your mind off of it. College has many activities to participate in and ways to meet new people. Join a club that matches with your interest or hobbies and you will find plenty of other people that share that interest. Go to school or club events that you hear about and talk to the people there, even if you feel awkward. Remember, most students will be like you, looking for people to connect with. If there is a class you are excited about, dive into it and learn all that you can.
    3. Reduce your stress. Oftentimes, homesickness is caused by the feeling of wanting to go back to when things were simpler and you had less to worry about. Reducing stress can help you take a deep breath and look at your situation more objectively. Exercise is one of the most commonly known ways to relieve stress, especially outside or in a well-lit place. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed while working, take the time to de-stress. Go on a walk, speak with a friend, or do an activity you enjoy.

    These tips will not eliminate whatever stress and anxiety you will feel while getting used to college life, but we hope they will help you deal with those feelings. If your feelings become too large to handle, do not hesitate to speak to a counselor about whatever is bothering you. No problem is too large or abstract. They are there to help you.