About The Bronx Institute

Message from the Executive Director

Professor Herminio Martinez explains the vision of The Bronx Institute (BI) as being, "to foster and promote equity and excellence in the education and learning of Bronx students in K-20, by involving administrators, teachers, parents and students in high quality programs that support and enhance educational opportunities."

The mission of The Bronx Institute is to further research and advance leadership relevant to the improvement of education and the quality of life in The Bronx and to provide a forum to discuss, analyze, and identify potential solutions to contemporary social, political, cultural, and economic challenges facing The Bronx community as well as other urban areas.

As a community resource, The Bronx Institute is committed to act in cooperation with other academic institutions, community groups, and organizations to develop joint projects, especially those that enrich the educational needs of Bronx students. The Bronx Institute is focused on providing services in two areas: Youth Development and Professional development.

The Bronx Institute maintains a research agenda that includes encouraging the publication and dissemination of research on the history and culture of immigrants and their institutions in The Bronx and in urban America in general. It also seeks to understand the unique Bronx social and cultural mix. Toward these ends comparative research–among ethnic groups, communities, and across historical eras–is emphasized, especially within the evolving "great cities" rubric of contemporary educational and social science research.

The Bronx Institute conducts research on educational policy issues and actively seeks to build the knowledge base on pedagogic effectiveness throughout the K-20 pipeline through teacher training lectures, workshops, and summer institutes.